Three River Cruises That Everyone Should Take

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River cruises provide a fun and exciting adventure that’s becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. These cruises offer majestic views and several stops at major cities and towns situated along the way. These excursions can be unforgettable experiences if you know which ones to choose. If you’re searching for the best river cruise to go on, here’s an in-depth look at three river cruises that everyone should take.

S.S. Legacy

The S.S. Legacy is a wonderful river cruise that’s designed entirely to provide guests with a fascinating journey across the wine regions of Washington and Oregon. This cruise specifically takes the Ameritage itinerary, which covers the Williamette, Columbia, Snake and Palouse rivers. Throughout this lengthy 7-day trip, you will stop at nine renowned wineries throughout these regions, all of which provide tours and tastings. When not taking a tour in the winery, the sprawling cruise ship includes on-board demonstrations by wine experts, as well as additional tastings.

Each day offers new and spectacular sights to see. The Palouse River, in particular, provides picturesque views of the Palouse Falls State Park, complete with enchanting waterfalls. The S.S. Legacy is an 88-guest boat offers stylish and comfortable interiors that are equipped with such amenities as fitness equipment, hot tubs, elevator access and a wine bar. Each cabin also comes with a high quality entertainment system that may come in handy during any downtime during the cruise.

This trip begins and ends in Portland, Oregon. The destinations you stop at throughout the cruise are varied enough to ensure that you’re provided with unique experiences at all points of the trip. One of the highlights of this cruise is the tour through the Maryhill Museum of Art. Situated just off the Columbia River, this intriguing art museum is home to a wide range of permanent and temporary exhibits that are sure to catch your eye. When stopping at this museum, don’t forget to check out such appealing exhibits as:

This is just a small sample of what you should expect when taking the S.S. Legacy cruise. These trips are generally held at certain dates throughout the months of August and September.

Viking Astrild

The Viking Astrild is a European river cruise that’s widely considered to be one of the very best around. This river cruise takes guests down the beautiful Elbe River in East Germany, making use of the 10-day Elegant Elbe itinerary. The Viking Astrild longship is equipped with Scandinavian decor that really sets the mood for the sights that you’re about to see. This trip begins in the majestic city of Prague and ends in the modern city of Berlin. Extensions are available that provide extra days in both cities before and after the cruise.

Each city the cruise takes you through is steeped in history, from the birthplace of the Protestant Reformation in Wittenberg to the famed rock tower of Bastei in Saxon Switzerland. The Bastei overlook provides you with an overlook of the Elbe River below that you won’t soon forget. Each destination you visit is packed with breathtaking sights and unforgettable experiences.

The river cruise lasts for a total of eight days, while one night is spent in a first-class hotel in both Berlin and Prague. By purchasing the Viking Astrild package, all on-board meals are complimentary throughout the duration of the cruise. A vast selection of wine, beer and other beverages are also included to ensure that your time spent on-board is as enjoyable as possible.

If you’re interested in getting to know more about different cultures, you’ll be pleased to hear that this cruise takes guests to four different UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These destinations have been named as such for being places of outstanding cultural significance. Czech and German culture are also focused on intently during numerous stops along the way. You’ll be able to take in a unique Czech folkloric performance, as well as an eyewitness account of the historic Velvet Revolution that changed the nation of Czechoslovakia forever. During this cruise, you will even have the chance to learn some of the basics of the German language, which should prove to be fun.

While on the river, the Viking Astrild provides all guests with premier accommodations and amenities. As you view the charming scenery along the Elbe River, your stay on the cruise-ship is made to be as comfortable as possible. Free WiFi is included during the entire cruise, while numerous lounges and verandas are situated across the ship to allow for endless amounts of relaxation. Each stateroom has a view of the river and is equipped with a large HDTV. The elegant, on-board restaurant also offers a panoramic view of your surroundings. While there are many river cruises to choose from, the Viking Astrild is one of the very best.

Amazon Discovery

As its name denotes, the Amazon Discovery cruise is all about discovering the northern portion of the Amazon River along Peru. This scenic cruise provides you with spectacular views of the surrounding rainforest, which is filled with exotic wildlife that you’re sure to spot during the lengthy eight-night trip. The nearly 170 ft. long cruise ship that takes you along this route is equipped with plush accommodations for 44. Each suite is air conditioned, which is essential when traveling along the humid Amazon River. The Amazon Adventure itinerary makes sure that your visit to the Amazon rainforests aren’t a waste. Throughout the cruise, you will embark upon several excursions into the vast rainforest, where you will be able to spot fauna and flora that’s native to this region.

You will also be given the unique opportunity to meet with members of the Bora tribe, an indigenous tribe to the regions of Peru and Colombia. This trip begins in the city of Lima, Peru, where you will get the chance to taste the world-renowned Lima cuisine. The next two days of this trip take you to different locations around Lima before you embark on the cruise.

Each day afterwards is spent primarily on visiting one intriguing destination each day. For instance, on the fifth day of the cruise, you will explore tiny tributaries of both the Pacaya Samiria Reserve and the Amazon River Basin, in search of beautiful pink Dolphins.

Throughout the jungle excursions, an expert guide provides detailed information on the history and highlights of the rainforest. During these trips, you will be able to spot such species of wildlife as howler monkeys, spotting Tamarins, sloths, piranhas and a whole host of birds. The flowers in this area are particularly large and vibrant, so don’t forget to bring along a camera. This is just a small sample of what you should expect while on this cruise.

The ship you take on your adventure is equipped with everything you need for a comfortable and relaxing stay, from indoor/outdoor lounges to an exercise room and plunge pool. The outside viewing deck is where you’ll want to be for the best views during your trip.