The Most Luxurious Cruises in the World

If you have never been on a cruise, you might imagine that it would involve a vessel with rooms the size of closets, mediocre buffets, and all-night bingo. However, cruise lines strive relentlessly to exceed expectations. When you live the good life at sea, you might spend the day soaking in a private spa and strolling through a tree-lined park before attending a Broadway-quality show and sleeping in a meticulously designed suite.

Luxury cruise ships vary in size, and they offer different amenities. What they have in common is their ability to make you feel like royalty.


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    What Does the Most Expensive Luxury Cruise Package Cost?

    The price of a cruise package depends on the time frame, accommodation type, destination, and season. In 2013, the world’s most expensive cruise cost $1.3 million USD per couple, according to Traveller. The package was offered by Six Star Cruises and featured 124 days visiting 28 countries. The company still offers a variety of packages, with prices hovering around $5,000 per person for a 14-day voyage, depending on the destination.

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    What’s the Biggest Luxury Cruise Ship on the Water?

    The most decadent cruises don’t always take place aboard the largest ship. However, an enormous vessel can be impressive. Mega-ships are akin to floating skyscrapers.

    Royal Caribbean boasts some of the largest luxury cruise ships on the water. The Symphony of the Seas is 1,188 feet long, with a tonnage of 230,000 gt. That’s five times the size of the Titanic. It separates its amenities into “neighborhoods,” and it even features Central Park.

    However, some might argue that Royal Caribbean isn’t the cream of the crop even though it offers an abundance of conveniences and services. The MSC Meraviglia is the largest cruise ship that isn’t owned by Royal Caribbean. When it was introduced in 2017, it was the fourth-largest cruise ship in the world, with 15 passenger decks and a 4,500-passenger capacity.

    The MSC Bellissima will join the Meraviglia in 2019. The vessel’s size is similar to the Bellissima’s, and the cruise ship will feature an impressive selection of services, including exclusive Cirque de Soleil shows.

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    What Are Popular Destinations on Luxury Cruises?

    While some luxury cruises make their way around the world, many vacationers don’t have time for such a long trip. Two of the most popular cruise destinations for luxury cruises are the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. However, some voyagers think outside the box, traveling around Africa, Australia, Northern Europe, and the South Pacific. Alaska remains a common destination for excursions that take you off the ship to engage in outdoor activities.

    Cruise lines with smaller fleets, such as the Seaborn, can take you through the Panama Canal or around Patagonia. Some even offer transatlantic voyages.

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    What Are the Excursions Available on Luxury Cruises?

    Speaking of excursions, different cruise lines offer chances to discover the culture and history of an area once you make landfall. You can tour historic landmarks, dine with master chefs, and shop at unique boutiques. Get a taste of each destination before embarking on the next leg of your trip.

    Regent Seven Seas cruises offer free unlimited shore excursions. MSC Cruises meticulously craft tours that make seeing the highlights of each destination carefree and convenient. You can choose from city tours, active adventures, family fun, and gastronomic tours.

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    What Are the Top 3 Luxury Cruise Ships in the World?

    The Lux Traveller named the Seabourn, Regent Seven Seas, and Silverseas the premier luxury cruise ships in the world.

    The Seabourn fleet offers an intimate experience aboard smaller ships that accommodate a mere 458 passengers and feel like a private yacht. Regent Seven Seas prides itself on making the all-inclusive experience seem luxurious. You still get personalized service, and no detail is spared. In addition to gourmet dining and intimate ships, Silversea has a fleet of expedition ships.

    These are designed to take you to spellbinding destinations for once-in-a-lifetime holidays.

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    How Often do Luxury Cruises Go on Sale?

    It seems as though you can always find a special offer when you book a cruise. You may get a room upgrade or shipboard credit.

    At the time of this writing, Seabourn offered an upgrade to a veranda suite for a $6,999 14-day vintage Europe cruise. Regent Seven Seas was giving out a $300 shipboard credit and free unlimited valet laundry on Mediterranean cruises for 2018. MSC Cruises offers a variety of deals, including last-minute savings and unlimited drinks on select voyages.

    Don’t assume that a luxury cruise is outside of the realm of possibility. Many of them offer significant value for the price, and the cost isn’t much different than that of a larger, more conventional cruise ship. For example, an eight-day, seven-night cruise through the Caribbean, Cuba and Antilles with MSC Cruises may cost as low as $699. A suite on a six-day Caribbean Carnival Cruise would cost you at least $900.

    The bottom line is that luxury cruises are becoming more affordable and offering a multitude of never-ending amenities and activities.