How to Find the Best Water Delivery Companies

Whether you live in the middle of some barren desert or simply prefer healthier drinks, water delivery services can make a big difference in your life. These companies let you schedule deliveries and provide to-your-door options that make it easier to stay healthy and hydrated. But how can you choose the right provider?

Water delivery services offer many attractive benefits, such as helping you minimize your reliance on environment-harming plastic bottles and letting you avoid potentially damaging chemicals in municipal tap water.

Here’s everything that you should know about picking the best option for your home, workplace, or facility.


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    How Much Do Water Delivery Services Cost?

    A few crucial factors decide what you pay for water delivery services. The most obvious determinants include how much water you need and how often you want it delivered.

    Most companies charge per-gallon as long as you’re within their regular service area. As a result, you can usually compare prices pretty easily by looking at how much money individual providers demand you pay for similar order sizes and frequencies.

    Of course, order volume isn’t the only important consideration. For example, a company that offers reverse osmosis-filtered water and natural spring water may charge different amounts for each product. If you get supplemental equipment, such as a water cooler or in-home filtration device, then you’ll most likely end up paying extra. Higher-quality services may also charge higher fees.

    If you’re unsure whether a company’s price is worth it, check out their credentials. At a bare minimum, all providers should adhere to some kind of standards, such as the Water Quality Association, or WQA, purity testing benchmarks, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, Energy Star standards for cooler appliances, or U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, guidelines for drinking water safety.

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    How Often Do Water Delivery Companies Deliver?

    It’s up to you to choose a water distribution company that offers a delivery schedule you can live with. For instance, many firms perform weekly or bi-weekly deliveries.

    Even if a company doesn’t accommodate your preferred timetable, you can usually work around the problem by choosing an order size that gives you wiggle room. Most firms that provide large bottles for office-style water coolers let you pick between three- and five-gallon containers, so don’t be afraid to explore the options.

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    Do You Have to Pay Extra for Water Dispensers?

    Not all water companies offer the same dispenser service agreement terms. For instance, some will throw in a cooler for free as long as you agree to maintain your delivery subscription for a certain minimum timeframe. Others require you to pay a deposit. It’s also worth considering that if your cooler is powered, then you’ll end up paying slightly more in utility bills to keep it running.

    Considering purchasing your own cooler? You’ll pay extra up front, but you might end up saving in the long run. If you decide to switch water delivery companies in the future, then having your own equipment could also give you more freedom to choose.

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    Do Water Delivery Services Offer Trial Programs or Deals?

    Many water delivery services have introductory rates and programs. In some cases, you might get a percentage-based discount on your first few months of delivery fees or be able to take advantage of free water cooler installation and setup.

    Are promotions and coupons really worth it? It’s important to think about the long-term perspective. For instance, a company with a special trial offer might make you pay so much for delivery that you end up erasing your savings after just a couple of months.

    Use your smartphone calculator to figure out how much you’ll pay for a year or two of service including taxes, fees, installation surcharges, and other costs. Before picking a water delivery company based on price, you should always ensure that you’re looking at the big picture.

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    Where Do Water Delivery Companies Deliver?

    Since water is a vital necessity, delivery companies provide service to most inhabited areas in countries like the U.S. You may, however, notice some differences in availability depending on whether you live in a rural or remote location, need to have larger quantities of water delivered, or sign up with a local or national company.

    What do these distinctions mean for your chances of finding a great delivery service near you? In most cases, you won’t have to look far to discover a match, but that doesn’t mean you should just go with the first company you encounter. For instance, smaller water delivery firms might offer rapid service, but they could also have limited service areas compared to bigger alternatives with established distribution networks.

    It’s always smart to do your homework.

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    How Easy Is It to Cancel Your Water Delivery Subscription or Plan?

    Few things feel worse than getting stuck in a bad or abusive service agreement. Not all water delivery services offer the same cancellation terms, however, so how can you understand the fine print?

    Find out what your rights are by checking out each company’s service agreement before you actually sign up or start paying. Look for key information like:

    – Whether you can cancel at any time
    – Whether you have to pay a termination fee for canceling before your original contract is up
    – Whether the company provides an easy account management tool that lets you cancel online