How to Find the Best Trucks of 2018

In the olden days, a pickup truck was a utility vehicle. If you had to move a lot of furniture, transport a large group of people or tow cargo on a regular basis, a hardy pickup was the clear choice.

These days, pickup trucks are far more mainstream. Even the most utilitarian truck will offer expanded cab space and improved features for the savvy consumer. Whether you’re hauling timber or simply like the aesthetic of riding around in a turbocharged chariot of steel, anyone can drive a pickup. But as the truck market expands, first-time buyers are left wondering how to pick the truck that best suits them.


  1. AskThisWhen on March 13, 2018 at 10:58 am

    Which truck offers the best value for its price?

    In order to determine a truck’s inherent value compared to the prices offered by your local dealerships, it’s important to evaluate the features each truck offers. Ford offers some of the 2018 season’s most affordable vehicles, beginning with their classic Ford F-150. Retailing for just under $30,000, this five-passenger pickup features a 10-speed automatic transmission and gets 15 mpg in the city.

    If you’re looking for an offering from a different company, the 2018 Chevrolet Silverado (starting at $28,300) features a slightly heavier frame at a similar price. Unlike the F-150, which is constructed from aluminum from cab to bed to trim weight, this 2018 Chevy uses a steel frame with aluminum construction on the doors, hood, and tailgate.

    These two trucks are much the same in pricing, but both offer features that make them a great choice for any truck aficionado.

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    Which truck gets the best mileage?

    When you’re shopping for a truck, one area that’s always important to evaluate is gas mileage. Although pickup trucks have classically been considered “gas-guzzlers,” top automotive companies have heard the consumers’ complaints and adjusted to release trucks that offer competitive mileage with even mid-sized sedans. The chief among these is the 2018 Chevrolet Colorado, fitted with a crew cab and a shortened box to get a stellar output from the engine. Rated for 26 mpg on the highway and 20 in the city, amounting to a cost of 12 cents per mile, there aren’t many trucks this season that can compare with the Colorado.

    One of the few competitive mileages of 2018 comes from the Honda Ridgeline (starting at $29,990), which can manage 18-19 mpg in the city and 25 on the highway. Cutting it extremely close, the Ridgeline’s fuel economy costs the consumer 13 cents per mile.

  3. AskThisWhen on March 13, 2018 at 10:58 am

    Which truck offers the best features?

    If money isn’t an issue, or if you’re a seasoned truck driver who’s looking for the all-around best option, then you’re best suited looking for the truck that offers the best features in every area. When it comes to identifying the best all-around pickup, it’s necessary to split the search into mid-size and full-size trucks.

    In the full-size category, the Ford F-150 has undeniable assets in the form of its updated 10-speed transmission and updated powertrains that offer increased power output and improved fuel economies. The F-150’s new 3.3-liter V8 produces a quieter rumble from your engine, and the responsive steering makes sure that you won’t face clunky turns when you’re out on the open road.

    In the mid-size category, the Honda Ridgeline pulls out ahead of its competitors. Mid-sized trucks don’t need the powerful towing capacity you’d expect from a smaller truck, with the Ridgeline offering a maximum of 5,000 pounds, but the reduced engine power of these pickups allows the designers to fit in additional features that full-sized trucks can’t boast. The Ridgeline features a 5.3-foot bed, but underneath that bed is a feature that proves suitable for any camping or tailgating fan — a waterproof storage compartment, fitted with a drain plug, that can turn your bed into an ice-packed cooler in an afternoon. Taking into account the agile handling and a spacious cab that seats five comfortably, the 2018 Ridgeline is a great choice.

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    Which truck has the greatest towing capacity?

    Most new truck buyers have an idea of what they want from their pickup, such as responsive steering, a spacious cab, and a pristine paint job. If these issues aren’t something you look for in a truck, you might be part of the growing segment of the truck community that find their biggest point of consideration is how much their rig can tow.

    2018’s most impressive truck in this category is, without question, the Ford F-450 Super Duty (starting at $60,249). This tough 4×4 comes with a class V towing harness, a hitch, and brake controls for your trailer and sway control. Plus, most impressively, the F-450 can tow a maximum weight of 32,000 pounds. This pulls ahead of the majority of the competition and makes Ford’s 2018 line something to talk about when it comes to towing.

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    Which truck has the greatest amount of storage space?

    This is another important area when you’re making a judgment on your new truck. The classic method of testing a truck’s storage space is by using traditional carry-on luggage bags, which are placed into the bed of the truck while the rear seats are folded down. This process, which is used universally in the United States, was able to identify the most spacious pickup of the year.

    That standout vehicle is the 2018 Toyota Tundra (starting at $31,120), which was able to fit 21 pieces of luggage into the bed. Although this pickup wasn’t a standout this year in most other ways, it was able to fit two more pieces of luggage than any other truck in the 2018 season.

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    Are any of these trucks suitable for off-roading?

    All of these trucks, given that they haven’t had their suspensions lowered, have potential to be off-roading trucks. It’s important to ensure, however, that the truck you choose features four-wheel drive, which is necessary for escaping from snow or mud.