How to Find the Best Home Alarm Systems

Trying to pick the right home alarm system can seem overwhelming. There are hundreds of home security products available, and the effectiveness of an alarm system can vary depending on whether its capabilities match your needs. Having at least a basic alarm system in your home can go a long way toward safeguarding your property and loved ones.

Obtaining maximum protection and value, however, necessitates taking the time to understand the range of options that are available. Choosing the right home alarm system can give you the protection you need without making you pay for unnecessary services.


  1. AskThisWhen on April 6, 2018 at 9:26 am

    How do I determine if an alarm company is reputable?

    The growth of the Internet has given unscrupulous peddlers the opportunity to look as professional as an established provider. Unfortunately, you can easily fall prey to scammers if you are not careful to determine whether a prospective provider is reputable before moving forward with a purchase. Online reviews are a good indicator of whether customers are satisfied with their home alarm system after buying from a provider. Bad alarm companies tend to have a consistent history of negative reviews posted by customers outraged over how they were mistreated or overcharged.

    Many states have loopholes in their laws that let providers market alarm systems without first receiving a license. In fact, some states do not have any licensing requirements for home alarm companies.

    The Electronic Security Association is an industry group that issues certifications and tracks the reputation of providers. Asking whether a provider is a member of an industry group can weed out many of the worst alarm companies if you take the time to confirm their claims. The most reputable companies are usually happy to share professional credentials to build trust.

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    What is the most important feature to look for in a home alarm system?

    The range of features that home alarm systems offer is broad because needs vary widely among customers. For example, some buyers want to protect a home in a safe neighborhood from the theoretical chance of a random burglary while another buyer might live in a dangerous neighborhood with a recurring history of break-ins.

    You should consider several factors when determining which features are most important in your situation:

    – The value of the property you want to protect.
    – The vulnerability of people who live in your home, such as children, pets, or elderly individuals.
    – General crime rates in your area.
    – Your home’s history of burglary.

    If the consequences of a future break-in would be high in your situation, extensive protection is often advantageous. Premium providers can give you extra protection with high-tech features, such as thermal cameras, facial recognition, and remote-controlled locks. You may even want a service that gives authorities access to your security system to increase the chances of police responding immediately in the event of a break-in.

    Overall, the importance you assign to available features is a subjective decision you must make based on your own unique needs, fears, and budget.

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    Will having an alarm system affect my insurance premiums?

    Price is the most important factor in the insurance industry, so you should expect your insurance company to offer discounts whenever you make a purchase that reduces your risk of filing a claim. Purchasing an alarm system indicates your willingness to protect your home, and alarms can act as a deterrent to keep criminals away. Homeowners can save up to 20 percent on their premiums by installing an alarm system. Only your insurance agent can decide whether you will get you discount by purchasing an alarm system. You should, however, consider switching to a different insurance provider if your request is denied since most reputable providers offer substantial discounts for homeowners with an alarm system.

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    Should I have an evaluation before signing up?

    You can learn a lot about an alarm system by reading information online, but you can never enjoy total certainty until you try a product in your own home. Reputable alarm companies often give buyers a money-back guarantee. Some services also let you try their systems for free for the first month.

    Evaluating a product before signing a contract is, in general, the best approach since doing so guarantees your satisfaction. Make sure that you read online reviews before agreeing to an evaluation that requires you to provide a credit card number since unscrupulous providers can make it difficult to get your money back.

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    How do alarm companies bill their customers?

    Most alarm system buyers are accustomed to paying for services on a monthly basis, so providers tend to follow the norms of monthly billing cycles. Alarm companies tend to give you several options:

    – Check or money order through the mail.
    – Automatic recurring payments charged directly to your credit card.
    – Payments through an online portal or smartphone app.

    Needs vary, so you should not be afraid to ask for unique billing services or terms. Most providers are happy to break payments into small installments or to let you pay on an annual basis. In general, most providers ask you to pay before receiving your services.

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    Should I be concerned about alarm equipment becoming outdated?

    The alarm systems available in the current marketplace were introduced with the help of modern technology that only became available in recent years. Although it is inevitable that new innovation will improve the capabilities of future alarm systems, the chances are low that providers will discontinue support for the current generation of alarm equipment in the years ahead. In fact, new innovation tends to reduce the cost of alarm services over time as providers improve the efficiency of their operations. Many providers also give free upgrades to loyal customers as new technologies are introduced. You should not, therefore, let fears of future innovation hold you back from protecting your home.