How to Find the Best Cruise Deals

A cruise is an amazing way to enjoy multiple destinations with one vacation. Most cruises are all-inclusive, too. Your entertainment, food, and room are all included in the price. Convenience and exotic ports are just part of the appeal, though. Deals make this one of the most economical ways to enjoy a great vacation.

With a little diligence on your part, you and your family can take the cruise of a lifetime while saving big bucks on your vacation. It’s not hard when you know when to book and what to look for. Don’t be afraid to ask for perks, discounts, and upgrades.


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    Where Should I Start?

    Great cruise deals can be found online. Simply type in “cruise deals” in any search engine and you will be bombarded with options. It is easy to assume that the cruise line websites will have the best deals, but that is incorrect. Many sites offer perks in addition to the ones offered by the cruise lines. It’s wonderful to find BOGO cruises, but it’s even better when a travel site like or offers casino credits in addition to the BOGO cruise sales.

    Travel agencies can also be a useful source of information about cruise deals. Working with a travel agent can help you if you want a specific destination or a specific time of year to travel. The agent should be knowledgeable about all the perks offered for different cruises, too.

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    What Is the Best Time to Book?

    While booking a cruise is easy, timing that booking can be difficult, especially if you want the best deal. Cruise lines across the board typically run amazing sales from January to March. After the holidays, they entice people to relax and start looking at a vacation. Also, October is Plan a Cruise month, a special campaign where cruise lines offer huge savings.

    Outside of those months, there are other times to book. Last-minute cruises are a fantastic way to save thousands of dollars if your vacation time is flexible. Typically, the southeastern destinations are on sale during hurricane season, which is June to September.

    The week before Christmas is also an amazing time to snag a great deal. The cruise lines are typically full over Christmas but have plenty of rooms the week before Christmas. The same cruise, one week apart, can yield tremendous savings.

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    Does the Price Lock Once Booked?

    Just because you’ve secured your dream vacation at a good price does not mean that the price will remain the same. As the cruise nears to departure day, unsold cabins may drop in price. The cruise you paid $1000 for could drop to $750 dollars. So, are you stuck with the $1000 price tag? No.

    Some cruise lines will do a price-adjustment if you find your cruise for a lower rate. However, they are not going to call you up and tell you about the lower rate. You will have to search to find the lowered rates. If you haven’t made your final payment, you can call up the cruise line and most will adjust your price. Another option is to cancel your booked cruise (usually there is a $100 penalty) and rebook under the better price. This only works if there is a significant price difference.

    If you can’t get the price adjustment and rebooking is out of the question, ask if there is an upgrade you could get instead. Casino credits, free drinks, or even a better cabin could be yours. The catch is that you have to ask. The cruise lines are normally not going to call and offer you the upgrades.

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    What Discounts are Available to Passengers and Groups?

    Passengers who are loyal to certain lines (say, Royal Caribbean) can get perks and discounts that are not available to everyone. Simply being repeat customers can yield secret sales, drastically discounted cruises, and free drink packages in your email box.

    Groups who book cruises together can enjoy perks like free help planning every detail of the cruise, free upgrades, and even free passengers. On Carnival Cruise lines, groups of 50 or more can even access customized shore excursions. Royal Caribbean offers a free cruise credit for every eight staterooms booked (minimum of 16 passengers). For instance, a group booking 24 staterooms would get three free passengers.

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    What Is a Repositioning Cruise?

    Some cruise lines will move their ships twice a year in order to access different ports or avoid bad weather seasons. For instance, a ship that runs the Bahamas in winter months may be moved to Spain for the summer months. When that ship repositions, it will start in one port, but it will not return to that port. Instead, it will end in its new home port. The cruise lines do not want to run an empty ship from Bahamas to Spain, so they will offer a repositioning cruise.

    Typically, these cruises are longer than normal (nine to 21 days) and substantial savings is offered to guests who can afford to fly back to their origination port. You may even save enough from the price of the cruise to afford your flight home. Just be sure that you understand the repositioning cruise concept. You don’t want the cruise to end in San Juan when you were expecting to be brought back to Florida. It has happened to more than one person.