Here Are Three of the Best Mattress Deals Available Right Now

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By AskThisWhen

A good mattress is one of the best investments you can make in your own health and comfort, but finding the best mattress for you can be tough. There are tons of offers, brands and styles to choose from, with prices ranging from the hundreds to the thousands.

There’s a lot of conflicting information about mattresses floating around out there. To keep it easy on yourself, just focus your efforts on these 3 types of mattresses:

Memory Foam Mattresses

Major inner-spring mattress manufacturers are now using memory foam in the comfort layers of their mattresses.

Be warned, while the marketing for inner-spring companies producing traditional inner-spring mattresses with layers of memory foam might be convincing, you will not get the real benefits of sleeping on memory foam with an inner-spring mattress. The real effect of sleeping on memory foam is experienced on no-coil mattresses.

But what are the overall benefits of memory foam in mattresses?


Good quality memory foam can have a lifespan of up to 15 years. But how can you identify good quality memory foam?

Good memory foam will have at least a 4-pound density. It will meet Certipur-US or similar health standards. Certipur standards test that foams in a mattress are free of:

Looking out for these elements will ensure that the memory foam you select is a high quality.

Pressure Relief

Since there are no springs in the mattress, memory foam beds are extremely pressure relieving. This is for two reasons:

First, because the human body is not square shaped, pressure points are created as the parts of our bodies that stick out the most (shoulders and hips) end up supporting our weight throughout the night. Memory foam mattresses will provide even support by distributing weight across the entire surface of the mattress.

Second, if you think about the way a coil works you will see that it is virtually impossible to eliminate pressure points with inner-spring mattresses. When you push down on a coil, it will naturally resist back upwards.

That resistance is what creates the pain in our pressure points throughout the night. So, if your hip and shoulder digs into the mattress the most, those are the parts that will get the most resistance and pressure.

No Motion Transfer

Falling into a deep rejuvenating sleep means that you don’t toss and turn too much. For those sleeping in a bed with a partner, that means you have to be aware of their tossing and turning as well.

Because there are no springs in memory foam mattresses and because pressure is decreased, you don’t feel your bed-partner moving if they do.


For those with back issues, memory foam is a great choice. A major advantage of the material is that it allows you to be in the mattress and have the mattress conform to your natural shape.

This keeps the body as straight as possible without creating a hard or pressure producing surface to sleep on throughout the night.

Drawbacks of Memory Foam


While memory foam mattresses aren’t necessarily that much heavier than traditional mattresses, they are a bit difficult to move because they are hard to hold.


Some people think memory foam mattresses smell bad, especially when they’re new. Getting a plant-based memory foam and those with a Certipur certification cuts down on this complaint.

Sleeps Hot

This is the biggest complaint about memory foam mattresses. But a good quality memory foam, like a plant based one, or one with a Certipur certification has virtually no issue with heat.


The cost of memory foam is more expensive up front. However, you should always keep in mind that you want a mattress to perform in year 10 as it does when you first buy it. Memory foam has one of the best lifespans in the market.

Memory Foam Mattress Deals

Finding a great deal on memory foam mattresses seems like it would be easy, but it can be a bit tricky. Don’t get fooled by the $399 Queen size memory foam mattress deals out there either – cheap memory foam is never worth the money.

To get the best deal on memory foam, you want to make sure you look for the memory foam density, Certipur (or similar) certification for chemicals and thickness of the memory foam itself.

Finding all 3 of these qualifications when there are sales on mattresses will ensure that you will get a good quality memory foam mattress for your budget.

Latex Mattresses

Like memory foam, latex is one of those materials that is becoming more and more popular for mattresses. Also like memory foam, the best latex mattresses are made without coils.

There is a difference in the types of latex used in mattresses. You should look for mattresses made from natural latex as opposed to synthetic.

Here are some benefits of latex mattresses:

Health Benefits

Natural latex is hypoallergenic and free from petrochemicals. Its main ingredient comes from the sap of the rubber tree.

If you suffer from allergic reactions to latex, don’t worry. The proteins that cause these allergic reactions get washed out in the manufacturing process.

Pressure Relief

Latex mattresses relieve pressure points and reduce pain in areas like the lower back. Because latex is more resilient than memory foam, you will experience more pressure relief in the hip and shoulders area.


Latex has an average lifespan of about 12 -15 years. Because of the natural durability of latex, the top comfort layer of the mattress remains unchanged longer than traditional inner-coil mattresses.


Latex can be extremely soft or table-top hard. Many manufacturers will offer a range of comforts for latex models.

While memory foam has softer and firmer versions of their mattresses as well, latex beds provide more customization in that department.

Some manufacturers allow customizations by retailers so that you can create a mattress that has different firmness levels per side.

Drawbacks of Latex Mattresses


There have been complaints regarding feeling hot throughout the night on latex mattresses. However, this is usually the case in the synthetic (closed cell) latex and not the natural latex.

When shopping for a latex mattress, make sure to look for ones with breathable covers. This will ensure the mattress temperature stays regulated.


The cost of latex is usually higher than the cost of traditional inner-spring mattresses as well as memory foam. It is usually the price more so than the comfort of the mattress that prevents people from purchasing a latex mattress.

You can save on a mattress at many local mattress retailers. But to really get around the cost issue for latex mattresses, you can check for special sales online.

Latex Mattress Deals

While latex mattresses are not typically considered a budget mattress, you can still find good deals on them. The key is to make sure they are certified natural latex, are at least 10 inches thick and have a good amount of natural latex.

Don’t be fooled by mattress manufacturers that only offer .5 inches of latex and call it a latex bed.

Inner-Coil Mattresses

Finding a good inner-coil mattress is not as difficult as memory foam or latex. The key is to know what to look for and what to be wary of.

Here’s what to look for in an inner-coil mattress:

Coil Density

Coil count used to be the way to go to find out how high quality a mattress is. These days, you also want to find out about how thick the coil is.

Having fewer, but stronger, coils will give you more support with less pressure points.


Many manufacturers are now including memory foam and latex in their mattresses. To get the best bang for your buck, you want to make sure the memory foam or latex is at least 1.5 inches or more and that it is close to the top of the mattress.


Most manufacturers will come with a warranty. The trick is that the warranty is only enforceable when the body impression “dip” in the mattress is over a certain number of inches.

Find a company that has the longest warranty, but with the least inch requirement to enforce a claim.


The cost of inner-coil mattresses can run the gamut. Costs for queen size sets can range from $299 to over $5,000.

The key is to shop smart, have a mattress budget in mind and find the highest quality within that budget.


You can find better costs for memory foam mattresses than latex. Since they offer great pressure relief, support and longevity at a lower price, memory foam mattresses are becoming more and more popular.

Keep the above tips in mind to ensure you get a great deal on your next mattress purchase.