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How Hotels Fill All Their Unsold Rooms

What could be better than sipping a glass of champagne from the private balcony of your massive hotel suite while overlooking the Las Vegas Strip, the Mexican coastline, or the streets of Eastern Europe?

If you’re like most people, you might be thinking to yourself “that sounds expensive” and ordinarily, you would be right. However, there […]

Three River Cruises That Everyone Should Take

River cruises provide a fun and exciting adventure that’s becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. These cruises offer majestic views and several stops at major cities and towns situated along the way. These excursions can be unforgettable experiences if you know which ones to choose. If you’re searching for the best river cruise to go […]

Ask This When Planning a River Cruise

When planning a river cruise, there are many things to keep in mind that may be different than other trips. Many river cruises stop quite frequently, and boats are often smaller than the gigantic ocean liners that larger cruises use. Make sure you’re prepared by asking yourself the following questions when confirming all your details. […]

Ask This When Booking a Hotel Room

When booking a hotel room for the first time, many people look for amenities that will make them feel at home. While this is a smart idea, some people don’t realize that when they are traveling, they often have a completely different set of priorities than in their everyday lives. Each vacation requires a different […]